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We are Pine Creek Industries. The two major components of our business are Project Management and a Foundry that we run in North Idaho. We make many parts for buggy's and wagons, we make Wheelwright tools, also we make some industrial parts including parts for mines and Survey stakes for the State of Idaho. Please check out or products page for some examples of our craftsmanship. If you need a casting feel free to contact us via our contact page!

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Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM


​Closed most major Holidays


1582 W.F. Pine Creek RD

Pinehurst, ID, 83850

About Us


Established in 1980 by Raymond E. Dose (1932 - 2004).  PineCreek Industries began by casting bushings for the mining and logging industries.  By the mid-80's the company was casting wheelwright tool and parts for buggies and wagons.  Now 25 years later we continue to cast for these industries and also for surveyors, snowmobile industry, Ice-cream freezers and industrial sewing machines.

When Gary W. Dose bought the business in 2003, He added the project management division. With his 28 years of nuclear experience and his engineering degree he has continued to contract for Project Management along with other work including but not limited to working on EMDs and fixing procedures.

Our Services


​- Project management

- Foundry Division

- Industrial Castings

- Buggy/Wagon Parts

- Wheelwright Tools

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