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Pine Creek Industries
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Our Products



The metal we use for all of our buggy castings is an alloy of zinc/aluminum/copper, generally referred to by the metal industry as "ZA" alloy. We cast industrial and farm equipment parts, using "ZA" alloy. It is lightweight, strong and has excellent corrosion and bearing qualities. Engineering and machining information is available.

The Finish

If left unfinished, ZA parts will tarnish to a light gray color. Where the finish is important, ZA castings can be sanded, polished and coated with clear enamel or lacquer to prevent oxidation. The casting, when polished, will resemble nickel or nickel plate. ZA alloy can be electro-plated with other metals. Plating information is also available upon request.

1 - Year Guarantee

Pine Creek guarantees all parts we sell to be free from defect in material and workmanship. Any part found to be defective will be replaced if returned within one year of date of purchase. This is the limit of our liability.


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